Mapping Cabral

IIn August 2019, I participated in this fantastic project, " Installation," collaborating with Filipa Ceaser and Ali Yass. After reading the text about Cabral, which Filipa wrote, I had to translate this text into a map or installation. The project has managed to make me navigate through the idea of agriculture and food distribution. It also introduced me to Cabral, the Scientist "Agronomist" artist, as I knew only Cabral the freedom Fighter.

In two months, we have read Cabral, ending up mapping Cabral and his philosophy, how the Soil provided him with the knowledge to dismantle the colonial System?.

Cabral as a poet and Agronomist, I would like to call him the Soil's comrade and the language's comrade. 

here the most memorable part of the text " Amilcar Cabral One of his last official acts as a state agronomist is to propose sugar beet plantations in Portugal; offering, given the increasing European demand and consumption of sugar, a profitable national option to overcome the exploitation of sugarcane in its tropical overseas territories. " Filipa wrote.

Ali Yass's painting skills were also a significant resource of knowledge in this experience.

The installation space held different talks, workshops, and discussions.

Here a link for the exhibition page:

The work Acrylic on the Floor 10 Square meter 

Raisa Galofre took all photos 


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