Nights and lights

National Party 
 First three month for me in Cairo   was only night life..Cairo is  a Night city where the people are not sleeping before 3 o'clock . The most wonderful place which is gives life to Cairo nights is the Nile . 
In addition to that i love to shoot in ISO 100 in the night which led me to long Shutter speed photography .some peaces from Cairo Nights i hope you will enjoy with it 

Nile Panorama 

A Photo from 6 of October bridge where you can see the old burned National Party House
Sarya a touristic boat in Zamalk side
some couples spend a  love nights in Qsr El-Nile Bridge
Talat Harb 

Talat Harb Square , The sign for me  if i lost in down town ,So if i lost  i will just look after Talat Harb then start my Journey from beginning

Cairo Tower where you can see all Cairo from above , I haven't been  there before  but Iam always talk about it .  

Cairo Tower 


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