Unknown Homes Next to the Nile

This was my last exhibition 
beautiful architecture Aswan , southern , Egypt  
Homeless Guy Sleeping Next to the Nile , Khartoum
Homeless people is becoming an increasing issue in society.  It is therefore not surprising that this issue is becoming the subject for many  artistic exhibitions. Being an artist myself, I wanted to express  my own perspective on this issue.  I grew up in  Sudan where I  realized that society can eventually get immune to  poverty and  the homeless and dissociate itself from any sense of empathy or concern for the associated adverse social implications Furthermore, I was confronted with the question “How come there is so much poverty in the vicinity of one of the richest rivers in the world, the river Nile?”. When I came to Egypt I saw the same scene; expensive high buildings next to the Nile with many poor families in the same area searching the garbage for something to eat.  This was the inspiration of my new project, “Unknown homes next the Nile”
An old Homeless women from Egypt , Downtown ,Cairo
Two poor Girl from upper Egypt 

Two poor children from Khartoum , Sudan
My project is a photography  exhibition  with  eight  photos  telling stories about homeless life in the area between Cairo and Khartoum.
Iam Not the Unbeliever but the poverty is unbeliever  
Through these photos, I want to engage my audience with the issues related to poverty, stimulating them to wanting to do something about it.
 Through this exhibition, I hope that ideas will be generated on how to rehab homeless people so that the can live harmoniously next to the high buildings of the Nile area.  Also make us keep pushing the authorities to find resolutions. 

Birds relaxing next to the Nile represent how reach is the Nile , Blue Nile 


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